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Update and Intensive Review of Internal Medicine, 26th Annual, NY, June 2020

Update and Intensive Review of Internal Medicine, 26th Annual, NY, June 2020


Date of beginning

Monday, 22 June 2020


5 days


New York


United States


Karen Wisdom


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This course is designed to provide a comprehensive review of the most important advances that have recently been made in Internal Medicine, and to help candidates prepare for the Internal Medicine Boards or the Recertification Examination. Each of the major subspecialties will be covered including cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, infectious disease, nephrology, neurology, oncology, pulmonary disease, and rheumatology. Much of the material will be presented in lecture format by the best teachers and clinicians from the Columbia University Irving Medical Center. In addition, each specialty will have a case-based question and answer session using an interactive computer-based system. This system will allow you (anonymously) to test your knowledge in the different areas of medicine. URLs: Brochure,Twitter Prices:Livestreaming: USD 1399.00,VIP: Livestreaming and General Admission: USD 1825.00,General Admission - MD: USD 1225.00,General Admission - Allied Health Professionals (RN, NP, PA Pharma, SW): USD 770.00,General Admission - Fellows and Residents: USD 400.00. Speakers: Jai Radhakrishnan MD, MS, Professor of Medicine, Associate Division Chief for Clinical Affairs, Columbia University, Gerald B. Appel MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University, Paul Lee MD, MPH, Harry C. and Misook Doolittle Associate Professor of Medicine Medical Director, Section of Hospital Medicine, Medical Director Global Health, Columbia University, Donald W. Landry MD, PhD, Samuel Bard Professor of Medicine Physician-in-Chief NYP/Columbia Chair, Department of Medicine, Columbia University. Time: 7:30 am to 6:15 pm. Venue details: Columbia University Irving Medical Center - William Black Bldg., Alumni Auditorium, 650 West 168th Street, New York, NY, 10032, United States.