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Tumor Targeted Lymphocyte Summit

Tumor Targeted Lymphocyte Summit


Date of beginning

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


2 days




United States


Georgina FitzGerald


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Tumor Targeted Lymphocyte Summit is the first, dedicated meeting that unites the expert community working in TIL and CTL therapies to network, learn and determine strategies to enhance the efficacy of this adoptive cell therapy in solid tumors. As CAR-T fails in the fight to deliver efficacy in solid tumors, the field is desperately exploring alternative adoptive cell therapies which are strong enough to rise to the challenge. TILs and CTLs have successfully been utilized in melanoma and now with patient demand growing, TIL-based therapies are fast becoming a more attractive approach to solid tumors. Learn from the leading drug developers, clinicians and academic experts to improve your understanding of: - The current clinical and translational landscape to improve upon your clinical pipeline design- Methods to streamline the manufacture of TIL and CTL therapies to reduce cost and time expenditure- Novel biomarkers to help select a specific, tumor-reactive, cell population and predict patient response- Innovative strategies to genetically engineer TIL and CTL cells to enhance cell function- The potential benefits and clinical outcomes of reduced IL-2 and preconditioning therapy URLs:Tickets: Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Prices:Conference + 2 Workshops (Industry Pricing): USD 3197.0,Conference + 1 Workshop (Industry Pricing): USD 2698.0,Conference Only (Industry Pricing): USD 2199.0,Conference + 2 Workshops (Academic Pricing): USD 2497.0,Conference + 1 Workshop (Academic Pricing): USD 2098.0,Conference Only (Academic Pricing): USD 1699.0,Conference + 2 Workshops (Solution Provider Pricing): USD 4197.0,Conference + 1 Workshop (Solution Provider Pricing): USD 3698.0,Conference Only (Solution Provider Pricing): USD 3199.0 Speakers: Edward Samuel , Joost Van Den Berg , Cyrille Cohen, Robert Hawkins, Elfriede Nößner , Geoffrey Stephens , Maria Fardis , Kumar Karyampudi , Chantale Bernatchez, Stephanie L. Goff, Marit Van Buuren, Linh Nguyen, Emese Zsiros, Gerrit Dispersyn, Peter Hoang , Michael Leek Venue Details: The Colonnade Boston Hotel, 120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, 02116, United States