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The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. Presents the Environmental Toxin Summit - Live Online!

The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. Presents the Environmental Toxin Summit - Live Online!


Date of beginning

Thursday, 09 July 2020


3 days




United States


Heather Getz


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July 9-11, 2020 PRACTITIONERS WHO ATTEND ALL THREE DAYS WILL RECEIVE A FREE ORGANIC ACIDS TEST! IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the current Coronavirus (COVID19) situation, this event will now take place live online, on the same dates, July 9-11. All originally scheduled speakers will still be participating, and the schedule will remain much the same, other than shifting the start times to better accommodate all U.S. time zones. We will have announcements, several built-in breaks, and live Q and A with the speakers as time permits. Even though the workshop will be held online, we will make it as interactive as possible. Attendees will be able to communicate with our staff, speakers, and each other on multiple platforms - in Zoom and on Slack chat. The registration fee includes the presentation slides (sent via links to PDFs) and the recording of the workshop. Attendees still receive the FREE Organic Acids Test and will be able to take advantage of special discounts on GPL tests and promotions from our exhibitors. DAY 1 | Thursday, July 9THE CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF ORGANIC ACIDS TESTINGLearn how to use this comprehensive metabolic test in your practice to help with your most difficult-to-diagnose patients. With 76 markers, including those for yeast and bacteria overgrowth, inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, oxalates, gastrointestinal dysbiosis, and nutritional imbalances, the Organic Acids Test (OAT) helps you discover the underlying causes of many chronic conditions. When you attend this workshop, you will not only learn how the OAT can be used in clinical practice, but also ways to use it along with other diagnostic assessments, as well as what kinds of treatments have been effective. Day 2 | Friday, July 10THE HIDDEN THREAT OF MOLD AND MYCOTOXINS: TESTING AND TREATMENT PROTOCOLSThis day will focus on the health effects of mold toxin exposure to both the body and brain. You will learn about the 11 mycotoxins tested for in our MycoTOX Profile, as well as other diagnostics that are useful for assessing mold exposure. You will also learn about the many chronic health conditions mycotoxin exposure can cause. Speakers will review specific patient cases and present the testing and treatment protocols used to help get their patients out of mold-induced illness. Day 3 | Saturday, July 11THE DANGERS OF TOXINS AND PATHOGENS: FROM CHEMICALS AND METALS TO CORONAVIRUSThis day will focus on the epidemics of environmental toxins and pathogen exposure, including timely information about the Novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. You will learn about many common environmental pollutants and the dangers of heavy metals. You will find out how these toxins can affect our health and what steps can be taken to help detoxify the body. You will then learn about both the weapon and the Achilles heel of the Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Speakers will review patient cases, explain how to use diagnostic tests for these toxins and pathogens in your practice, and review what treatments they've found to be effective. Speakers: Kurt Woeller, DO, William Shaw, PhD, Mark Filidei, DO, James Neuenschwander, MD, Shanhong Lu, MD, Paul Anderson, NMD, Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Bob Miller, CTN Date and Time: On Thursday July 09, 2020 at 10:00 am (ends Saturday July 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm)