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Short Course on Transport and Port Law

Date of beginning

Wednesday, 02 October 2019


1 day


The different contracts for transporting passengers and goods, and the essential role of the various means of transport in moving freight from one country to another, will be analysed as well as the rules governing the management of transport infrastructures and services, which are ancillary to the carriage of passengers and goods. The overall protection of the passengers will be considered not only from injury and death but also protection of their economic and non-economic interests when they enter in a contractual relationship which includes some modes of transport. Contracts for the carriage of goods and passengers are significantly impacted by international Conventions and in order to understand the very complex regulation of the transport sector two levels of supranational sources must be distinguished, i.e. the International and the Community level. The legal context of the liability of carriers is thus intergovernmental and will be examined.