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Friday, 23 July 2021


3 days




United States




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New Humanity Movement and 5D EVENTSPresent their 26TH epic event:PHOENIX RISING AT 5DJULY 23-24-25, 2021UNITY OF SEDONA, 100 Northview Road, Sedona AZ 86336https://unityofsedona.comTickets and info: ***This is a transformational 5D Event to rise the human Consciousness from Ashes to the HeavensThe Phoenix Rising at 5D is about group of people which rise like a Phoenix in Collective Consciousness and CO-Create a new and better future out of ashes and calamities which have been caused by humanity, changing the Timeline to a positive one. Phoenix symbolizes renewal and resurrection which can also mean a time of change for betterment of Science, Health, Wellness, Consciousness and Spirituality.This event is in Person, please come in person or stream live.The Souls who graduate from this special event by attending talks and workshops will be famous among us as "Rising Stars." **This event has 2 rooms (Sanctuary Hall with 170 seats and Workshop room 20 seats which is first come first serve seats. Join and Support our New Humanity Movement: Note: Must be 18+, No Kids, Pets, Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Food, Drinks and Backpacks are allowed in the conference rooms.Dress Code: Dressy Casual. Event Ticket sales: Tickets for full event are $269 per person and weekly will be going up to door ticket of $369. About our events: the past 10 years 5D events has created over 25 life changing 3 to 5 days events that over 50,000 people as attendees and live streamers which have learned important information to build their lives in a positive way and many have got latest research information, healed, married, or found a business partners, others got awakened.SPEAKERS: Speaker Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Viviane Chauvet, Peter Benson, Azucena, Saeed David Farman, Zarathustra, Sonja Grace, Eric Reza Dadmehr, Kwasha Aleha, Sel Sarkin, Joe Blanton, Evelyne Ustarroz, Kristine Grant, Crystal Privett, Arcturus RA, Aurora Buchanan, Phillip Wilson, Ruben Saufkie, Alan Bedian, Nikita Hau'oli Yonce and Devara Thunderbeat.EVENT SCHEDULE:***Event hours:Registration starts Friday JULY 23RD 2021 from 8:30 AM, Event starts at 9 AM and ends at 7 PM daily, Sunday program starts at 10 AM to 12:00 PM with Unity Sunday Service speaker Michael Mirdad free for all to attend and 5D Event starts at 1 PM and ends at 7 PM.PARKING: Parking is free extra parking on the other side of the street Event Highlights:***Saeed David Farman the New Humanity Movement founder will do an opening ceremony on Friday from 9 AM to 10 AM *** Keynote Speaker Dannion Brinkley will talk about what Dying teaches you about living.*** Dr. Sandra Rose Michael will talk on DNA Repair*** Arcturian Hybrid Vivian Chauvet will be speaking on: Ascending with the Arcturians, Awaken to a Greater Reality!*** Kristine Grant, MFT Relationship Expert based upon her award-winning book, RELATIONSHIFT - How to Write the Words You Really Want to Say, you will learn the keys to creating better connections with the right words... Kristine will also be leading a workshop, where you will learn a way to reconnect after family/friendship fallouts no matter how long.***International Master Healer, ZARATHUSTRA will speak on 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing plus, a healing workshop.***Joe Blanton, Joe Blanton will speak about his Red/Near-InfraRed laser and his natural EMF/radiation Technologies. ***Ruben Saufkie-Hopi Peace Ambassador will speak on Hopi Prophecies and following with a drum ceremony and Eagle dance performance. ***Gnostic Priestess Azucena will speak about science of Immortality and ceremony to activate DNA code for eternal youth and Immortality.***Unity of Sedona Keynote Speaker Michael Mirdad will perform Sunday Service 10 AM to 12 PM***Peter Benson is the chief Engineer and talks and demonstrates Copper Tools for Ascension.***International Master Healer Aurora Buchanan will demonstrate healing powers.***Sonja Grace will discuss how to Transform Illness and Disease***Alan Bedian will discuss about Tools and Techniques for Wellness and Ascension***Sel Sarkin will do a Meditation plus talks and Integration Workshop with Hape Ceremony.***Devara Thunderbeat will do an DNA activation.***Ocean Sky Nikita will talk about numerology.***On Sunday from 1 PM to 2 PM there will be initiations into the science of Immortality and process of Ascension. ***There are 2 Panel talks with speakers on Friday and Saturday from 6:00 PM TO 7:00 PM ***Closing Panel: Achieving results is on Sunday with all speakers from 6 PM to 7 PM***EVENT TICKETS: Tickets for full event are $269 per person, one day event is $139.Please Note that ticket prices will be rising weekly and going up to door ticket of $369, prices are subject to change without notice the early bird gets the worm. URLs:Facebook: Price:3 Days full event, Sedona 5D events, July 23-25, 2021: USD 319.0 Speakers: Dannion Brinkley, Azucena, Viviane Chauvet, Peter Benson, Saeed David Farman, Eric Reza Dadmehr, Donna McGrath, Dr. Carolin Hauser, Kwasha Aleha, Sel Sarkin, Joe Blanton, Arcturus RA, Aurora Buchanan, Phillip Wilson, Ruben Saufkie, Alan Bedian Date and Time: On Friday July 23, 2021 at 9:00 am (ends Sunday July 25, 2021 at 7:00 pm) Category: Conferences | Health Venue Details: Unity of Sedona, 100 Northview Road, Sedona, Arizona, 86336, United States