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Palo Alto Networks: Your Move to the Cloud Secured

Palo Alto Networks: Your Move to the Cloud Secured


Date of beginning

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


1 day




United States


Palo Alto Networks


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Moving to the cloud enables all kinds of new applications and architectural patterns, but it also creates an environment that’s in a continual state of change. The only way for your infrastructure, security and operations to keep pace with this change is through automation. Join Palo Alto Networks, AWS and HashiCorp as we talk through the automation process in enhancing the security of your cloud and network environment. Palo Alto Networks: 4 Practical Steps for ‘Shift Left’ SecurityShift-left security moves security to the earliest possible point in the development process. Security minded CI/CD reducing not only cyber risk but also cost. HashiCorp - Everything as CodeHow HashiCorp enables modern organizations to deliver everything as code to become a partner throughout the Development, Security and Operations lifecycle. AWSAWS provides a scalable and flexible infrastructure platform with built in automation capabilities that allow smooth deployment of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. This allows customers the speed, reliability and scale needed to build and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment. Extend the benefits of AWS by using security technology and consulting services from familiar solution providers you already know and trust. We have carefully selected providers with deep expertise and proven success securing every stage of cloud adoption, from initial migration through ongoing, day-to-day management. Time: 3:45 pm to 10:00 pm Price:price 1: USD 0 Venue Details: Amazon Web Services, 323 Washington Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55401, United States