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Palo Alto Networks: Workshop - Cloud Security for Retailers

Palo Alto Networks: Workshop - Cloud Security for Retailers

Date of beginning

Wednesday, 02 October 2019


1 day




United Kingdom


Palo Alto Networks


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Scroll down for agenda details -For retailers, there's no doubt that leveraging cloud computing has many benefits, such as increased agility and flexibility, faster innovation, more personalised customer experiences, lower operational costs, ease of integration with new suppliers, greater visibility of the supply chain, etc.In partnership with Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks invites you to attend this highly engaging workshop to learn more about Security in the cloud, from APIs, to Containers and Serverless computing and the best practices from Microsoft such as the Security Development Lifecyle (SDL) to help developers build highly secure software, address security compliance requirements, and reduce development costs.Containers:Ask most DevOps engineers about the benefits of containers, and their responses will center on the agility, modularity, and scalability that microservices-based architectures provide.But there is another crucial and often-overlooked advantage of migrating to containers and microservices: Security. Containers offer a number of opportunities for building and deploying more secure applications and environments. In this session you will learn about containers and container security.Serverless computing:Step into the emerging world of serverless computing, and learn about Palo Alto Networks' new solution for serverless security. There are many ways organizations utilise serverless. For example: multimedia processing, chat bots, internet of things, auto-scaling website and APIs, batch processing. Critically, the benefits for retailers is that Cloud Service Providers only charge for the amount of resources used to run the code. The code is typically run inside stateless containers that can be triggered by a variety of events including http requests, database events, monitoring alerts, file uploads, scheduled events, etc. Seating is limited so please register today to reserve your spot.We look forward to seeing you there! Price:price 1: USD 0.00. Time: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Venue details: Everyman Cinema, Baker Street, London, EC3V 4QT, United Kingdom.