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Palo Alto Networks: Cyber Range London 31102019

Palo Alto Networks: Cyber Range London 31102019


Date of beginning

Thursday, 31 October 2019


1 day




United Kingdom


Palo Alto Networks


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We are taking Cyber Range on the Road and we are excited that you will be joining us in London! Get ready for a high-tech, FUN way to learn the very latest security strategies and techniques. At the Cyber Range, you and your teams will:- Master skills and techniques by identifying and preventing live attacks with best practices tips from our experienced instructors.- Create and test different security strategies by researching and responding to real-world threats.- Strengthen your execution by building and testing end-to-end prevention processes during full-on cyber-attack scenarios.What’s more, you’ll receive a course certificate after completing your Cyber Range session. The Environment:- An exercise network managed by on-site teams, reproducing a realistic production environment.- Simulated legitimate production traffic from numerous operating systems, applications and devices.- Malicious traffic: All Cyber Range attacks use the latest real threats, pulled from the internet and re-generated using Cyber Test Systems Network Traffic Generators in the test environment (see scenarios below). The Defence:Each team manages and prevents threats on its own network using its own Next-Generation Security Platform deployment. For example, in this exercise, teams use Palo Alto Networks® next-generation technology to identify all applications on the network, apply URL Filtering, create content-based white-listing policies, and identify and generate real-time prevention against malicious software, exploits, and new threats across IP addresses and URLs. Pre-requisite for the Cyber Range attendees :In order to get the most out of your Cyber Range training, you should either be familiar with firewall policy creation or, prior to attending, take a Virtual Ultimate Test Drive (next-generation firewall) for a guided, hands-on experience doing so. Technical Requirements :You will need to bring your own WiFi-Enabled Laptop with a pre-loaded Browser: Chrome or Firefox. Please, before the session, ensure you can disable VPN connections. Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Price:price 1: USD 0 Venue Details: Palo Alto Networks UK, 140 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT, United Kingdom