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Opportunities and Innovation in Environmental Recovery

Opportunities and Innovation in Environmental Recovery


Date of beginning

Thursday, 20 January 2022


1 day




Mark Buzan


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How would you know about the amazing opportunities out there as Canada's economy comes out of COVID-19 while also confronting the challenges of climate change?From unique technologies in carbon storage, research and development opportunities and a growing awareness of where going "green" can be good for the bottom line, businesses everywhere are seeing the opportunities in reducing carbon footprints.But where and how can erosion reduction, stormwater control and aquatic habitat restoration fit in? How are businesses vested in the environment to know where it's possible to cash in on the opportunities out there? Prices:Early Bird Admission: CAD 45.0,General Admission: CAD 60.0,Regular Admission: CAD 75.0Speakers: Joanna Eyquem, Harry Reinders, Rob Anderson, Risa Olekshy, Ryan Dickson, Mark Myrowich, Joel Williams, Ron Jenkins, Graham Tait, Silvia D'Amelio, Bill MacMillan Time: 11:00 - 17:00