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ICRS Focus Meeting Imaging and Decision Making

ICRS Focus Meeting Imaging and Decision Making


Date of beginning

Monday, 22 April 2024


2 days

Deadline for abstracts

Wednesday, 10 January 2024






Anouk Burgisser-Marti


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Imaging and Decision-Making in Cartilage-Regenerative SurgeryAdvanced Imaging Technology in radiology, particularly Magnetic Resonance Imaging, has emerged during the last decades and has always been the focus of cartilage repair. The proper treatment indication before surgery and a relevant noninvasive evaluation of the outcome after surgery is essential and can be strongly supported by noninvasive imaging. Additionally, imaging can evaluate and monitor the efficacy of newly developed surgical cartilage repair techniques. The semiquantitative MOCART Score was developed in Vienna 20 years ago and was a hallmark in the systematic morphological analysis of cartilage repair. Moreover, new compositional MR methods such as T2 mapping, dGEMRIC, sodium imaging, gagCEST imaging and diffusion-weighted imaging were developed or improved in Vienna and applied for the first time in patients after cartilage repair surgery. Also, cell-based cartilage repair therapies were applied and studied in Vienna by pioneers in the field and published with partners all over Europe. Austria was also one of the first countries in Europe with a remuneration of ACT in the social system. Five years after our last meeting on imaging and cartilage surgery, we will meet again in Vienna for a Focus Meeting to revisit the latest developments in surgical technology and new imaging scoring systems like MOCART 2.0 on various joints and new advanced compositional MR methods such as texture analysis. A comprehensive wet-lab skills course on human specimens will start at the Vienna Anatomical Institute and will be held on Monday morning. In the afternoon, talks will follow on the updated MRI and radiology technology, including the latest news from the Artificial Intelligence sector. Clinical scientists, surgeons, and experienced radiologists will discuss and present the latest insights in imaging interpretation for indication and evaluation in cartilage surgery. The Medical University of Vienna, with its High Field MR Center and the ICRS expert group in Austria, welcomes an international faculty and audience to meet again after the pandemic to support ICRS mission: education, skills and science in cartilage repair - worldwide! The vibrant city of Vienna will serve as a fruitful and exciting background to host this Focus Meeting. So, learn about the MOCART Score and "See what you can do in cartilage repair!". But also enjoy inspiring Mozart music and visiting the perfect fine arts of Vienna's cultural heritage. Tickets:  Date and Time: On Mon, 22 Apr 2024 13:00 - Tue, 23 Apr 2024 16:00 Venue details: Medical University Vienna, Van Swieten Gasse 1A, Vienna, 1090, Austria Prices:ICRS member normal fee: EUR 430.00,Non member normal fee: EUR 530.00,Junior Members, Residents., Students and Physiotherapists normal fee: EUR 330.00,Industry Associates Normal Fee: EUR 600.00,Imaging Skills Workshop ICRS Member: EUR 150.00,Imaging Skills Workshop Non Member: EUR 200.00,Imaging Skills Workshop Junior Members, Residents., Students and Physiotherapists: EUR 100.00,Surgical Skills Hands-On Workshop ICRS Member: EUR 390.00,Surgical Skills Hands-On Workshop Non Member: EUR 490.00,Surgical Skills Hands-On Workshop Junior Members, Residents., Students and Physiotherapists: EUR 290.00 Speakers: Christian Albrecht, Mats Brittberg, William Bugbee, Christoph Erggelet, Stefan Fickert, Giuseppe Filardo, Deepak Goyal, Veronika Janacova, Vladimir Juras, Elizaveta Kon, Christian Lattermann, Thomas Link, Stefan Marlovits, Tom Minas, Stefan Nehrer, Miika Nieminen, Frank Roemer, Armin Runer, Gian Salzmann, Markus Schreiner, Pavol Szomolanyi, Stefan Toegel, Siegfried Trattnig, Markus Walther, Goetz Welsch, Wolfgang Weninger