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EASL NAFLD summit 2019

EASL NAFLD summit 2019


Date of beginning

Thursday, 26 September 2019


3 days






EASL- The Home of Hepatology


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Indeed, in the US and Europe, nearly 40% of the population have NAFLD and approximately 20% are likely to develop progressive liver disease that leads to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. At EASL, we are committed to helping clinicians, researchers and students network with various stakeholders in the field of hepatology, providing the opportunity to share research and learn from peers across Europe and beyond. NAFLD Summit attendees will learn and discuss new developments and challenges in NAFLD, including how the development of new therapies is urgently needed in this arena. To maximise exposure with attendees at the NAFLD Summit and enrich the meeting experience, companies are invited to participate as conference partners. Here, organisations can benefit from a variety of partnership packages, which include premium, bespoke and individual sponsorship and engagement opportunities. Our dedicated team will provide you with all the support required to achieve and maximise your conference and communications objectives, ensuring a successful Summit and a smooth experience. Topics to be covered: - Multidisciplinary management of patients with NAFLD- Need for better patient stratification in NAFLD therapeutic trials- Prevention of NAFLD and public Health strategies- Diagnostic methodologies in NAFLD- Pre-clinical models of NAFLD/NASH to test drug efficacy URLs:Tickets: Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Prices:Members-Early fee: EUR 300.0,Members-Full fee: EUR 450.0,Non members-Early fee: EUR 450.0,Non members-Full fee: EUR 550.0 Speakers: Agustin Albillos, Javier Ampuero, Quentin Anstee, Marco Arrese, Jesus Maria Banales, Ramon Bataller, Pierre Bedossa, Jerome Boursier, Elisabetta Bugianesi, Patrizia Burra, Helena Cortez-Pinto, Jean-Francois Dufour, Mohammed Eslam, Amalia Gastaldelli, Stephen Harrison, Mathias Heikenwalder, Rajiv Jalan, Isabelle Leclerq, Rohit Loomba, Fabio Marra, Philip Newsome, Valerio Nobili, Marcos Pedrosa, Massimo Pinzani, Vlad Ratziu, Maria Rescigno, Manuel Romero Gomez, Francesco Rubino, Josefa Ruiz, Arun Sanyal, Jorn M. Schattenberg, Lawrence Serfaty, Star Seyedkazemi, Frank Tacke, Giovanni Targher, Dina Tiniakos, Mike Trenell, Emmanuel Tsochatzis, Theresa Tunill, Antonio Vidal-Puig, Robert Walczak, Philippe Wiesel, Philippe Wiesel, Shira Zelber-Sagi Venue Details: Barcelo Sevilla Renacimiento, Avenida Alvaro Alonso Barba, Sevilla, 41092, Spain