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CAR-T Beyond Oncology Digital Event

CAR-T Beyond Oncology Digital Event


Date of beginning

Wednesday, 18 November 2020


1 day




Jessica Durston


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The commercial success of CAR-T therapy in oncology has inspired a new wave of R and D to use specific targeting approaches to treating novel and expanded indications in autoimmunity, inflammation, infection and more. As the field of CAR-T for oncology has become saturated with an abundance of companies battling to capitalize on this new era for cell therapy, get ahead of the curve by joining forward-thinking researchers pioneering CAR-T drug development in areas of great clinical potential, to strategically inform your future R and D decisions. The CAR-T Beyond Oncology Digital Event is the first and only meeting to recognize the future potential of this field, highlighting in one day the groundbreaking clinical advancements and proof of concept work in areas including fibrosis, HIV and the CNS, to outline the new disease areas that CAR-T could achieve clinical benefit. Learn from leaders at Cabaletta Bio, Atara Biotherapeutics and UCLA, who will bring you up to speed on the novel research developments in this field, to capitalize on the opportunity to develop a curative one-time treatment through targeted cell therapy. Thus, providing patients with a better quality of life and posing a more commercially viable therapy compared to current standards of care. Leave this first of its kind meeting equipped with the latest view of the state of play in this emerging field and understand the curative potential of CAR-T therapies in autoimmunity, infection, and inflammation. This will enable you to make educated and informed decisions when building your R and D platforms and future growth strategies, whilst providing you with the chance to connect and collaborate with those trailblazing this new area of development. URLs:Tickets: Prices:Pharma and Biotech Drug Developer: USD 1299.0,Academic: USD 899.0,Solution Provider: USD 1899.0 Speakers: Blake Aftab, Atara Biotherapeutics, Philip Ashton-Rickardt, AZTherapies, Arun Das, Cabaletta Bio, Michael Singer, Cartesian Therapeutics, Renata Stripecke, Hannover Medical School, Kumar Pappanaicken, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Yong Chan Kim, TeraImmune, Inc., Thor Wagner, Seattle Children's Hospital, Scott Kitchen, UCLA, Jonathan Epstein, University of Pennsylvania, Edward Rosloniec, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Marko Radic, University of Tennessee Health Science Center Time: 10:00 - 18:40