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Advancing Vertical Farming Summit

Advancing Vertical Farming Summit


Date of beginning

Monday, 24 August 2020


3 days




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Global food production as we know it is at the beginning of a huge transition. New technological innovations are opening new farming paradigms such as vertical farming. As the world populations continue to rise, communities continue to urbanize and climate change places increasing uncertainty on crop production, global food security is falling under increasing pressure as the frailties of traditional food supply chains are increasingly being highlighted. Now more than ever before, there is an urgent need to identify and develop innovative methods for sustainable food production at both national and local scales. Vertical farming stands to be one such solution, offering a promising avenue of food production that could offer sustainable and innovative solutions for global food security and realizing true zero-mile city food supply. URLs:Tickets: Prices:Conference + Workshop Day- Primary: GBP 1798.0,Conference Only - Primary: GBP 1499.0,Conference + Workshop Day - Solution Providers: GBP 2498.0,Conference Only - Solution Providers: GBP 2099.0 Speakers: Marc Krueger, Gloabl Head of Innovation, Seven Steps to Heaven, Joel Cuello, Professor, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, University of Arizona, Jen Bromley, Head of Plant R and D, Dickson Despommier, Professor, Columbia University, Michael Dent, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx, Kendell Lang, CEO, Fusion Farms, Stefan Schillberg, Head of the Division Molecular Biotechnology, Fraunhofer IME, Charlie Wang, CEO, Oasis Biotech, Andrew Carter, CEO, Smallhold, Edward Harwood, CSO, AeroFarms, Liliana Esposito, Chief Communications Officer, Eddy Badrina, CEO, EdenGreens, Ajit George, Founder, Second Chances Farm, Gareth Jones, Founder, Digital Farming, Tobias Peggs, CEO Square, Roots, Nona, CEO, Vertical Harvest Jackson, SS Han, CSO, N.thing, Alexander Olesen, CEO, Babylon Microfarms, Neil Mattson, Principal Investigator, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University, James Lloyd, Jones Founder, Jones Food Company, Jake Eisenberg, VP of Product, OnePointOne, Andrew Hare, General Manager, Vertical Roots, Matt Daniels, Chief Horticulturist, Vertical Roots, Deane Falcone, CSO, CropOne Date and Time: On Monday August 24, 2020 at 8:00 am (ends Wednesday August 26, 2020 at 5:00 pm)