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Advancing MEP BIM Summit 2020 - Virtual Conference

Advancing MEP BIM Summit 2020 - Virtual Conference

Date of beginning

Tuesday, 15 September 2020


1 day




Kaltrina Kastrati


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Advancing MEP BIM is the only conference dedicated to sharing BIM best practices, specifically for MEP subcontractors across North America. You will hear how your peers nationwide are tackling industry-wide challenges and optimizing their approach to digital construction. As more and more project owners develop a preference for Design-Assist in some parts of the country, and a more collaborative approach isinsisted upon across the board, the demand for skilled MEP modelers is ever increasing. All the while, solution providers are offering a multitude of new digital tools every year. At Advancing MEP BIM, we'll be cutting through the noisy marketplace by showcasing your peers and listening to what tools they are using whilst finding out how they are tackling the same challenges you and the rest of the industry are facing. Collaboration and information sharing are the engine behind problem-solving - be sure to leverage the insights of your esteemed peers and not to miss out on this year's event. URL:Brochure: Price:1 Day Conference: USD 499.0 Speakers: Clarke Farmer, BIM/ Trimble Manager, Rivers Plumbing and Electric, Norman Akin, VDC Director, Cummings Electrical, Brady Pennington, BIM Manager, Dorvin D Leis, Ben Misikin, Preconstruction Manager, Pieper Electric, Nathan Zelenock, BIM Specialist, Miller Electric, Michael Meyers, VDC Detailer, FaithTechnologies, Glenda Berard, BIM/ VDC Manager, Ace Electric, Alex Basham, VP of Virtual Design, Brandt, Muhammed Yaqoob, BIM Model Specialist, TDIndustries, Jason McGowen, Senior BIM lead, TDIndustries, Suko Sulaimon, Sr REVIT/ BIM Designer, Anvil International, Kelli Lubeley, BIM Program Manager, Cupertino Electric Time: 09:00 - 18:00