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4th Annual RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit

4th Annual RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit


Date of beginning

Monday, 26 September 2022


3 days




United States


Erin Thomas


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For decades, RAS has existed as an elusive therapeutic target, and drugging this high-value oncogene was deemed impossible. Despite this, the first-ever FDA-approved KRAS G12C inhibitor has demonstrated that RAS is in fact druggable and that drugging this protein unlocks a world of successful therapeutic interventions. Now, the future looks bright for treating patients with cancers harboring the RAS mutation. The 4th RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit returns as the definitive industry dedicated forum for the whole community of individuals committed to targeting RAS. Bigger and better than ever before, we will unite 300+ experts to showcase 3-days of exclusive, never shared before data as we delve into accelerating discovery and emerging strategies, optimizing translation and pre-clinical development, and advancing the landscape of clinical trials for combinations and monotherapies. With mounting success in targeted RAS drugs, leading frontiers and experts must unite and continue accelerating the applications of this therapeutic for patients in need. Through novel data, expert insight, and exclusive discussions with global leaders, we will facilitate vital learnings to progress RAS therapeutics to drug all-mutations from G12C, G12D, and G12V. Continuing to advance valuable combination therapies into the clinic, and finally, crack resistance to RAS targeted therapeutics. This year’s forum returns as the only industry-focused event wholly dedicated to RAS-mutant cancers. With this, we will be uniting all experts from across the globe to spend 3 days in Boston, learning, discussing, and progressing anti-RAS therapies to the patient. Tickets Prices:2 Day Conference + Workshop Day - Drug Developer Pricing USD 4598.002 Day Conference Only - Drug Developer Pricing USD 2999.002 Day Conference + Workshop Day - Service Provider Pricing USD 5398.002 Day Conference Only - Service Provider Pricing USD 3599.002 Day Conference + Workshop Day - Academic Pricing USD 3898.002 Day Conference Only - Academic Pricing USD 2599.00 Speakers: Bhakti Mehta, Executive Medical Director, Hematology Oncology Global Development, Amgen Inc., Joshua Kapp, Senior Medical Scientist - Global Medical Oncology, Amgen Inc., Josie Hayes, Director, Head of Translational Medicine, Revolution Medicines Inc., Michael Shaghafi, Associate Director of Innovation & Discovery Chemistry, Frontier Medicines, Marco Hofmann, Director - Scientific & Group Leader, Boehringer Ingelheim, Mark Gelder, Chief Medical Officer, Onconova Therapeutics Inc, Vidya Balachander, Associate Director, Bristol Myers Squibb, Joshua Mason, Director, Mirati, Camilo Velez-Vega, AD & Senior Principal Scientist, Novartis AG, Steve kelsey, President, Revolution Medicines, Loic Vincent, Chief Scientific Officer, Affini-T Therapeutics, Erik Digman, Wiklund Chief Executive Officer, Targovax, Duncan Walker, Chief Development Officer, OnKure Inc., Jonathan Pachter, CSO, Verastem. inc, Andrea Gohlke, Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca, Frederic Reu, Vice President - Early Clinical Development, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, Marco Maruggi, Principal Scientist, Pfizer, Imran Khan, Senior Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb, Colin Weekes, Director, Pancreatic Cancer Research, The Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancers, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Lusong Luo, Senior Vice President, External Innovation, BeiGene, Scott Loughhead, Senior Director of Immuno-Oncology Research, SQZ Biotechnologies, Peter DeMuth, Chief Scientific Officer, Elicio Therapeutics, Klaus Orlinger, Chief Scientific Officer, Hookipa Biotech, Robert Pelham, Vice President, Translational Medicine, Kinnate Biopharma Inc., Chowdary Dondapati, US Head of Diagnostic Marketing, Precision Medicine, Bayer, Terri Conneran, KRAS Cancer Survivor, Founding Director, KRAS Kickers, Sam Shrivastava, Chief Executive Officer, ASHA therapeutics, Andrew Whale, Associate Director, Pipeline Biology, Immunocore Ltd, Ana Limon, Senior Vice President- Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, Oryzon Genomics, Trevor Pitcher, Director of Medical Affairs, Biodesix Inc, Antreas Hindoyan, Senior Principal Scientist, Amgen Inc., Kevin Pong, Chief Business Officer, Anima Biotech, Greg Jones, Principal Scientist, Pfizer, Andrea wang-gillam, Chief Medical Officer, Jacobio Pharmaceuticals Inc, Samuel Wickline, Chief Scientific Officer, Altamira Therapeutics, Andrew Aguirre, Physician Scientist & Medical Oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Chiara Ambrogio, Associate Professor of, Molecular Biology, University of Turin, Richard Kim, Service Chief of Medical Gastrointestinal Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Scott Kopetz, Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Christopher, Counter Professor, Duke University, Dhirendra Simanshu, Principal Scientist - Structural Biology, RAS Initiative & Group Lead, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Nancy Ratner, Co-Leader, Rasopathy Program, Professor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Rob Kortum, Assistant Professor, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences - USUHS, Arvin Dar, Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dafna Bar-Sagi, Chief Scientific Officer, Executive Vice President & Vice Dean - Science, nyu langone health, David Hong, Deputy Chair, Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics, Division of Cancer Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, John O’Bryan, Professor - Cell, Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Medical University of South Carolina, Channing Der, Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Ziyang Zhang, Assistant Professor, University of Califorina, San Francisco Dates and Time: Starts: Mon, Sep 26, 2022 ( 8:30 AM) and Ends: Wed, Sep 28, 2022 ( 6:00 PM) Venue details: Boston Marriott Burlington, One Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, Massachusetts, 01803, United States