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12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials


Date of beginning

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


2 days






Dominik Vogt


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Expected participants



Bioeconomy: Evolution of the Bioeconomy: Survival of the Fittest? Learning from Success. Despite the harsh environment, a few innovative companies find markets for their new bio-based building blocks, chemicals and polymers. We will introduce you to the technology leaders our planet needs for a sustainable future. Today, PLA is produced by two leading companies, bio-based PBS has become commercially available and soon the first bio-based PP will enter the market while bio-based PE production capacities are expanded at the same time. Bio-based polymers can be found in almost all application sectors, such as packaging, consumer goods, toys, automotive, textiles or coating. New bio-based building blocks are also available for body care, cosmetics, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. On top of that, more and more biogenic side streams from the food industry are utilised via biotechnology as part of the circular bioeconomy. Call for papers and Innovation Award are open! Additional workshops around the conference are: "Assessing Bio-based Product Value Chains - How Better Regulation and Standardisation can Promote a Level Playing Field" (14 May 2019 (the day before conference), "In-depth B2C Market Research" (16 May 2019), "First and Second Generation Biorefineries" (17 May 2019, after the conference), "PULP2VALUE: The Difficulties of Building a Biorefinery and How to Avoid Them" (17 May 2019, after the conference)