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104th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Pathology e. V. (digital)

104th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Pathology e. V. (digital)


Date of beginning

Thursday, 04 June 2020


9 days






Landy Siemssen


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The guiding principle of the 104th annual conference of the DGP is our adaptive immune system and the diseases that are present in every area of ​​pathology. Our immune system - the state in the state Because of the current corona crisis, this year's annual conference of the German Society for Pathology eV will take place as a virtual and digital conference from June 4, 2020. An extensive on-demand offer will be available until September 6, 2020. Use the interactive tools of the virtual conference to engage in scientific exchange with your colleagues despite the crisis.   On Thursday June 04, 2020 at 12:00 am (ends Sunday September 06, 2020 at 12:00 pm)   Prices:Doctors member: EUR 360.00,Doctors Not a member: EUR 540.00,Doctors in further education member: EUR 140.00,Doctors in advanced training non-member: EUR 220.00,Pupils and students: EUR 60.00,Further price categories can be found on the website: EUR 0.00   Speakers: Prof. Dr. MR. Rodewald, Dr. K. Schwarz, PD Dr. C. Posovszky, Prof. D. Dudziak, Prof. P. Fischer-Posovszky, Dr. M. Kasahara, Prof. T. Strowig, Dr. A. Beck, Prof. K. Amann, Prof. C. Denkert, Prof. J. Ruland, Dr. Dr. A. Mottok, PD Dr. A. Viardot, Prof. C. Romagnani