Conference: BCS And BILT Europe

Name of conference  BCS And BILT Europe 
  • Art
Date of beginning  2018-10-09 
City  Ljubljana 
Country  Slovenia 
Contact  Ellie Mihalarias 
Deadline for abstract  0000-00-00 
Expected participants 
Memo  The Building Content Summit (BCS) brings together thought leaders from around the world of Design, Construction, Manufacturing and Software Services. This 2-day conference which runs prior to BILT Europe is an eclectic mix of plenary and intimate workshops session with a mission to provide an arena where anyone producing or interacting with data in the building content environment can exchange ideas and knowledge as well as facilitate standardization of digital data. As such, our goal is to aid the exchange of high-quality BIM / VDC content among all stakeholders in the AECO industry and throughout the entire building lifecycle.. BILT Europe BILT is an annual 3 day event, run in multiple regions around the globe, designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate and maintain our built environment. As a community of professionals, it is dedicated to improving the way industry works together. We believe that: - Technology is an enabler of better processes and outcomes, not a driver in and of itself. - Our industry has failed to keep pace with others in productivity and innovation, but that provides clear opportunities for improvement. - Our industry is siloed, fractured and too often adversarial; but we wish to play a role in changing this by bringing people together from different backgrounds to learn from each other. - Getting people to change behaviours is the hardest part of any change. - As an educational and networking event, BILT provides a variety of opportunities to learn and share, to probe and challenge, to listen and to be heard. Our sessions focus on the use of best-in-class tools, processes and workflows, behaviours and leadership. URLs: Tickets: Twitter: Prices: Full Conference Delegate: EUR 1770.0. Group 5+ Full Conference Delegate: EUR 1570.0. One Day Delegate: EUR 700.0. Student 3 Day Delgate: EUR 1100.0. Speakers: Dr. Beau Lotto, Chiara Rizzarda, Kelly Cone, Peter Dragovic, Sylvester Knudsen, Riccardo Pagani, Michael Richert, Christopher Rossetto, Ralph Schoch, Daniel Stine, Carl Storms, Claudio Vittori Antisari, Jay Zallan. Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Venue Details: Exhibition and Convention Centre, 18 Dunajska cesta, Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenia