Conference: LPWA World - Monetising IoT Networks

Name of conference  LPWA World - Monetising IoT Networks 
  • Engineering Management
Date of beginning  2018-05-22 
City  London 
Country  United Kingdom 
Contact  Andrew Cleary 
Deadline for abstract  2018-05-21 
Expected participants 
Memo  LPWA World brings together mobile, IoT and satellite companies, technology end users and application developers to cover developments in NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, LTE-M, Sigfox and other LPWA technologies. Unlike other IoT events which discuss the potential of IoT networks, LPWA World covers use cases which are happening right now; discover how LPWAN is being applied to agriculture, transport, manufacturing and cities all around the world. This year's show will focus on the monetisation of LPWAN; what strategies are operators employing to get a return on their investment? How are they planning to drive customer adoption and ultimately build the ecosystem? We also look at the incorporation of LPWAN into businesses for enterprise and how it can best be utilised to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits? Topics covered include: - Operator strategies to ensure an ROI on their LPWAN investment - Comparison of singular vs multiple network deployments and the verticals targeted by each - Consumer IoT products and business models - Driving customer adoption and building the ecosystem - Roaming and its application to different verticals - Cellular vs non-cellular networks and a comparison of pricing models - Application case studies including fleet management, predictive maintenance, agriculture and smart cities - Matching network technologies with different applications - How to incorporate LPWAN into your business and the additional considerations - Capitalising on big data Application case studies covered: - A connected vineyard; Improving wine quality and sustainability with LoRaWAN - Smartening up the postal service; saving time and money with connected postboxes - Creating the city of the future; a look at Dublin's smart docklands project and their multi-technology approach - Smart utilities: Reducing both time and water wasting URLs: Booking: Brochure: Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Prices: Vendor pass: GBP 1799, Startup pass: GBP 1099.5, End user pass: GBP 0, Operator pass: GBP 0, Press pass: GBP 0 Speakers: Adam Armer IoT Global Business Development and Innovation Manager Vodafone, Alix Burge CTO /CIO IoT BT, Daniel Herb Director of IoT T-Mobile US, David Vasquez IoT Global Business Development Verizon Venue Details: Hotel Novotel London West, 1 Shortlands, London, W6 8DR, United Kingdom